Fresh content is the magic juice that keeps people coming back to a website once they land there. No matter how great, unique or fascinating your website is, few people will continuously visit your website over and over again to see what they have already seen. You need to keep the content fresh and blog daily. However, if your website delivers a usable or repeatable service, then you will not have to provide fresh content, though I always recommend blogging whenever you have the opportunity. If you can't give your users anything new from time to time, you will lose them.

It's the spinning wheel that you don't want to stop spinning; you have got to keep providing new material, or your site dies a quick and painless death. Fresh content is the key. All serious webmasters want to keep providing consistent content for their site or sites. Generating the content does take hard work. Everyone wants their piece of the internet... this includes newspapers or any type of mass media. Consider the internet as the newest and best market for such canned content.

You don't always have to be so serious, is one thing you can keep in mind - People like to kick back and have fun every now and again. Functionality is a bitter reality of the internet and providing web services. It's important to increasing your websites traffic. The rest of the web community just doesn't get it. Where is the junk that is just a completely delightful waste of everyone's time? You may want to take the edge off of seriousness and provide riddles, games, and even cartoons. You want to deliver fresh content to your readers. We live in a day and age of the attention span challenged. Fun things attract people, because most people don't want to come to a blog and read something that is serious. Believe it or not, some people actually come to the web to escape reality! The fresh content you provide for your readers will allow them to do this.

You can pay for people to write canned content but beware, lest the prices can go from free to absolutely outrageous! The key is to be original in the fresh content that you provide. If people find out that you "fake it to make it," this could completely spell the end of your online career as a webmaster who is taken seriously. And can ruin your chances of increasing your traffic. If you are running a small website or just starting out, you don't need to rob the bank, you can think of the good stuff all on your own. Providing fresh content will Increase Traffic!

 Friday, January 4, 2019

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