How Hosting Companies Take Advantage Of Consumers

Have you ever been so intrigued at how cheap hosting was that you just couldn’t turn the deal down? I mean seriously, some deals as low as 5 bucks! Then you click on it and realize that you only get 5 dollars off when you buy for a whole bunch of years. Technically, these sites weren’t lying, since they do offer the rate if you pay a few years in advance. The only problem is that you thought you were going to pay five dollars and now you have to pay $180.00 to get that five dollars savings.

Avoid hosting companies that practice this. They don’t care about you as a customer and are not even trying to offer you legitimate savings. Now you paid 180.00 dollars so you could really pay 5 dollars a month. Then you notice something else… your website grows in traffic and now they say you have to upgrade your plan. Wow. So even after you paid 3 years worth of service, now you have to upgrade. You really saved nothing at all.

This practice is becoming more common with hosting companies. They are totally playing on your concentration and intelligence. The really sad part is that it actually works!

Good hosting companies are very upfront about their prices and what you get when you buy hosting. The good news is that even if these companies are a little bit more expensive, you still end up paying less a short time down the road. Don’t get stuck prepaying for your hosting. Companies like Black Hosting Solution are upfront and you will find that usually when hosting companies are upfront, you have a better relationship with the companies and your actual needs get met.

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