Search Engine Optimization Marketing Done Correctly

Search Engine Optimization Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization Marketing is marketing your blog or website for target keywords in the search engine index. Seo stands for search engine optimization. There was once a point in time when you found websites by typing in words in the browser. This was not an effective search engine optimization marketing. Since that point in time, the internet has evolved. Along came sites like Google, that would let us find things based on relevance to what we typed in the search engine. There has always been a need for this. Google became the best at indexing, thus making it the most valuable site on the entire internet.

By doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing, you increase your website or web page’s visibility across the world wide web. Your number one goal is to try and beat every other website competing for the same word by optimizing your keywords the best for search engines within the current market that you are trying to reach.

Search Engine Optimization marketing has become big business on the internet. Though the idea is a free one, people and companies spend thousands of dollars to specialists who are said to be qualified in making this happen.

What Should I Do To Effectively Market My Website?

The number one most important thing that you can do for search engine optimization marketing with your site is to make sure that your website is visible and write relevant content. If your content is not relevant, then your website or blog is pretty meaningless anyway. You want to give your audience a reason to visit your site, so make sure that you have a good site. The design should be compelling without overdoing it or adding too much. And people must understand why they are on your site. If your site is talking about baking cakes and yet, you have an article about building muscles, then it probably doesn’t make sense in a way that search engines will understand, and be a less relevant site.

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Can I SEO A Flash Site?

You can SEO a flash site, but only for PC’s currently. Adobe screwed us on getting flash implemented on smartphones and tablet devices so I don’t see the sense in going through the extra effort it takes to SEO a flash site. What you will do is miss all that traffic that you could get through mobile phones, which is an increasing and growing form of reaching people online.

Why Should I Optimize For Google?

I’m going to keep it real with you when I say, that for people like us, Google is the only game around. They get more traffic than any other search engine in the world and it makes sense to play the game their way and optimize for them. Consider this, if you optimize for, let’s say, Yahoo Search engines because they are in number two position, with sending 20 % of all web traffic, you may get about 1000 people from a total sent by all other search engines. 1000 comes from everyone else. Then you have Google, who most likely sent you 8000 people of the ten thousand that you got. So wouldn’t it be foolish to optimize for other search engines who are only playing Google’s game anyway? You have to think smarter than your competition to really get the upper hand in a game of wits.

You have to keep in mind that Google indexes the most pages. Do a search on any website in Google and then do the same search on any other search engine and you will see that Google has more pages on just about any site.

Google uses about 500 different factors to rank and index your website. Most of their formula and algorithms are secret except for the most known and shared facts.

One good thing about Google is that they want to give people who use their services the most relevant results to what they request in the engine. This makes Google look good and keeps them number one on the internet always.

Is Keyword Hiding A Useful Technique?

One popular mistake that newbies make when they decide to launch a website is what seems brilliant ideas of how to trick the search engines. This is a mistake by all means. Google has a room filled with people who are very smart and they are paid to think of how to trick the search index engine. Once they think of those ways, they then implement strategies and formulas for detecting these behaviors and penalizing the sites. What this means is that if you are suspecting of trying to trick Google, they will no longer index your information, and other search engines will most likely follow suit. Check your page to make sure you don’t do this by mistake.

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What are the useful Products I Can Use?

One of the most important products you need for your website is Google Analytics software. Don’t procrastinate. You want to get this immediately so you can have a way of tracking visitors to your site.

Next is the Keyword Finder, another Google product. Start finding useful keywords to help you optimize marketing for search engines.

Is Content Really King?

The content that is on your website means everything. Make sure you have content on your site and that it’s the best content that you can humanly produce. This is vital to your online visibility. Pictures, videos and flash graphics all look nice but it will hurt you more than help you. Beware of lack of content on your site. I’m not saying you can’t use those things, but just make sure that if you do, it is backed up with a lot of content. Alt tags are also necessary, which means putting a tag on your page that explains what the image is.

Does My Attitude Matter?

The most important thing that we have not gone over is attitude. If you tell yourself there is too much competition on the internet or that people are smarter than you then you have lost before you began, and like most people that hop on a bandwagon, you will fail. It is the ultimate rule of the universe. But If you jump into this with a positive mind frame and the attitude that you will prevail, you can be the next Google, or whatever your dreams are. If you have read this basic article then what you have now in your favor is that you are more qualified to succeed online than 70 percent of your competition. You already have an advantage. And it’s not really as hard to succeed as you may think. Often, our minds make things way more hard than the reality is. Lose the fear and just go out there and be the best you. Put out plenty of good and researched content and you will ultimately get views and plenty of people will keep coming back to your page for more. I can almost guarantee it!

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