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Web Site Traffic

Acquiring website traffic to your blog is not a fairly easy task to achieve. Back in the old days we turned on the radio or watched the news to get our main source of information.  Then there was always the newspaper.  These forms of obtaining information were our best source once upon a time.  Suddenly, ten years ago seems like ages and ages.  Over time the world wide web site traffic picked up and new ways of getting information spawned from the wildfire.  Now we basically turn to the web for our MAIN source of information, increasing web site traffic all over the world.

As the internet sensation grew, so did web site traffic.  In the last ten years what we have witnessed was an outburst of websites. And the creation of websites hasn’t died down.  In fact, the web is now filled with more websites than ever creating all types of content for us to obtain.  But that creates a problem.  The biggest problem with websites is that they are in competition for our clicks.  The clicks give them a higher percentage of web site traffic. You see, as the internet grew, advertising boomed on the net.  And till this day, websites are in competition with each other for your clicks.  And the main reason for this competition is traffic to their web sites.  Web site traffic could equal some pretty impressive dollars for the highest-ranked websites on the internet.

It’s funny once you consider that a long time ago there wasn’t even a need for search engines to index websites, because there weren’t enough of them yet.  Soon, that would all change and hundreds of new domains would pop up every day, and more web site traffic.  This may appear to be a good thing at first hand but if you search on the internet for data, you will often have a lot of trouble finding information that is relative to your search request.  Most websites aren’t in business to provide information at all actually.  Instead, they are ambitious entrepreneurs competing for your links and your clicks to increase their own web site traffic.  The game has changed all of a sudden and the internet has become a vast cavern of bloodthirsty internet marketers competing for your attention span so they can make a quick buck through web site traffic.

The result of this internet chaos is web sites full of nonsense that don’t supply a real source of information at all.  Heck, there could be more auto blogs online than actual websites.  These days, owning your website is a big business.

Could you imagine what would happen if anyone could come along and run their own television station?  Think about what would happen and the type of television shows you might see.  This could be scary.  You see, the problem with the internet is that much of the trash sites that occupy space, take away web site traffic from decent sites that spend time and put a lot of effort into providing quality content. Often, the quality content gets barricaded underneath the garbage, and that’s when the internet becomes less useful.

The largest indexing websites in the world, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, spend a great deal of time devising complex and intricate algorithms to try and battle the spam or nonsense you may often come across.  No one can quite figure out yet, how to make the internet more useful.  Most sites are concerned more with receiving web site traffic than actually providing anything useful, and then they trick us into viewing their sites.  This fowl play makes the internet seem less attractive for everyone and proves unproductive. Think about it, the more useful the internet actually is, then the more web site traffic that will be prevalent on the internet.  And as people start to find the internet more useful, first the web site traffic comes and then the dollars start rolling in.

The Seo Game

Traditionally, if you knew a little bit about SEO techniques, you could use search engines to send a lot of web site traffic to your website.  This has become such a popular quest, that SEO companies actually charge huge dollars to plan websites for consumers who depend on web site traffic to survive.  But this was not such a fair game and if you didn’t know about how SEO works, then you couldn’t survive online.  Leaders, such as Google have done much to try and still give the average webmaster a fair shot, luckily.

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Unless you are a coding whiz or an SEO expert, then this is a game you should not play with the search engines.  You need to have a pretty good understanding of how search engines work to be successful at this method.  And since Google is changing its algorithms all the time, your journey may be fruitless.

The web site traffic game has actually been set up to give you a fighting chance.  How would you do this?  It’s not rocket science.  The most technical information you need to know is how to place tags to emphasize certain keywords and give your content structure.  The rest is simply providing tons of useful information that someone can actually use and benefit from, like this article.  If you do this, then your battle is halfway complete.

Once you have great content in abundance, the next step is to go out and let people know that your content exists.  Once you get web site traffic to your blog and build a significant source of links, you are on your way to achieving some really great things. Don’t throw up a bunch of nonsense and try to promote that because it will be a waste of time and won’t build up your web site traffic.  If your content is not good enough to even draw you to it, then the chances are that others will not be interested in your content either.  So you really, really want to put up original and useful content that will send you web site traffic.  Do this long enough, and your website will build itself along with web site traffic to your site.

Don’t Give Up

Rome wasn’t built in a day. You may have heard this before.  With that said, you need to have a great deal of patience.  It could take a matter of weeks for you to get relevant web site traffic.  But it could also take months depending on what type of content you post, how well you promote the content and most important of all… how much people actually like your content.

You may have to re-tweak everything so in the end, it is just right.  And this could take some time.  But as long as you don’t give up, you will continue to learn about methods that work and methods that don’t work.  You will be a pro in no time.  In the meantime, you should join social networks, comment on other people’s blogs frequently and keep building your website up.  This will definitely increase web site traffic to your site.  Make sure it looks good and is presentable to your readers.  I, myself have often stayed on people’s blogs just because I liked the feel and the design of the site, increasing their web site traffic by at least one more.

Don’t beat yourself up if your website does not take off overnight.  It’s not going to.  That’s not how the web works yet unless you are already plugged in with other bloggers and people who are on your team. Perhaps you may want to arrange for guest bloggers to blog on your site.  You just have to review everything and make sure it’s good.  Because if it’s bad, you might not get clicks.  If your content is not good then that is web site traffic to your website that you do not want.  Because your viewers won’t be running back to read your content.  And that’s what you want.


We know how essential it is to advertise our blogs and our websites.  Advertising is how any business becomes known or heard about and without it, you can’t get the word out.  So that means that depending on your ambitions, you can’t avoid this necessity.  I’m not saying that you need to go out today and spend a thousand dollars on advertising. Not yet. Make sure that your data is good and your website is actually ready to be live on the internet. Then advertise.

Your question should be, “Can I advertise for free?” And the answer is a solid yes.  But depending on your ambitions, this may not be sufficient enough for you.  I still encourage you to see what type of results you will get.  You may actually be satisfied with advertising on your own.  Perhaps you will be happy with a few hundred people on your blog each day instead of thousands or hundreds of thousands.  But if you really want to jump into the big leagues, be prepared to pay for good advertising.  It will be essential at some point.

Placing Affiliate Links On Your Page

Google actually has a big problem with paid links.  It’s not because they don’t want you to make money.  They have a problem with links because some websites are actually built for the sole purpose of providing links to other websites for money.  These types of websites don’t really supply a great deal of information and don’t really serve a general purpose other than making money off of this type of advertising. And guess what? They don’t sell a lot on their pages either.  If people don’t trust your content and there is no reputation to back you, then why on earth would they buy from you unless it is something that is hard to find and you are the only person or one of the few people who offer the product?

When web sites forget about meeting the needs of their readers, they become useless and purposeless. For Google, it’s just more garbage they have to sift through to find the really good stuff that often gets hidden. So if you are going to use affiliate links you need to make sure they are useful and relevant to the content on your site. Otherwise, no one will ever click anyway, because you will not be getting any search engine traffic to those pages, which means no web site traffic.

You Must Network

If you are not a people person, then you need to find someone to help you that is a people person. The internet is a social place.  Many people log onto their computers every day for the sole purpose of socializing. For instance, Facebook claims to have almost a billion users on its website. Go to places like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter to promote your site to increase your web site traffic.  Sometimes, if you have really great content, your site can go viral and get web site traffic on its own.

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